Mr. Mitchell is an accomplished business executive with a proven record of accomplishment of leading, developing, and growing companies. He is known for his leadership and ability to achieve top line growth through strategic planning and execution through disciplined processes. A retired U.S. Army colonel, Mr. Mitchell possesses an extensive background in special operations, intelligence, cyber, crisis response, consequence management, force protection, and critical infrastructure protection. Additionally, he serves in a strategic consultative role as a member of the Business Advisory Council of the Lexington Institute in Arlington, VA and after 9/11 was asked to serve on a National Academies Homeland Defense Committee.

Mr. Mitchell is currently the Managing Partner of Vettem, LLC, a company that provides Executive Coaching and consulting services in the areas of Strategic Planning, Business Management and Operations, Business Intelligence, Business Development, and Acquisition & Due Diligence support.

From 2007-2009, Mr. Mitchell was the President and Chief Operating Officer for ManTech International’s Security and Mission Assurance Corporation, a ~$300M subsidiary of ManTech International Corporation, Mr. Mitchell provided a wide range of Intelligence, Security, and Cyber support to National Intelligence Community, DoD, DoJ, DHS, and selected commercial clients. As General Manager, he was responsible for the overall growth and performance of the company. He transformed ManTech SMA into a high performing Strategy Focused Organization (SFO). Mr. Mitchell instilled disciplined processes that reinvigorated the management team, reenergized growth and produced the highest EBIT percentage within ManTech International Corporation. Additionally, he seamlessly integrated 3 acquisitions into ManTech SMA.

From 2006-2007, Mr. Mitchell served as the Strategic Development Officer and the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for ManTech Security and Mission Assurance where he was responsible for Strategy Development and those activities that drove corporate performance. He was responsible for Corporate Development and Business Development and assisted in the conduct of Current Operations. In this role, Mr. Mitchell introduced strategic planning and instilled a culture of top line growth through disciplined business development processes that were directly tied to the company’s strategy.

From 2001-2006, Mr. Mitchell managed Gray Hawk Systems, Inc.’s Operations, Intelligence, and Security Group, a four Division Group that provided a wide range of operations, intelligence, IT, Telecommunications, Security, and Warfare Engineering support throughout the Federal Government and to select commercial clients. Additionally, he served as a senior corporate executive where he assisted the CEO in the strategic planning and development of the corporation. Mr. Mitchell played a significant role in the rapid growth Gray Hawk Systems which was acquired by ManTech International Corporation.

From 1998-2001, Mr. Mitchell served as Vice President of Research Planning, Inc.’s (RPI) Special Operations and Defense Programs Division. His Division provided a broad range of support to Special Operations and other Defense Programs in the areas of Crisis Response, Consequence Management, Force Protection, Information Operations, Security, Counter Drugs, Education, Training and Exercises, Acquisition Logistics and Tactical Services. Growing his business through strategic planning and disciplined business development, Mr. Mitchell played a significant role in the growth of RPI which was acquired by BTG Corporation.

From 1969-1998, Mr. Mitchell served the U.S. Army in progressive command, staff, and instructor positions as an Infantry and Special Forces Officer that culminated in his selection as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. These positions included Battalion Commander of the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center & School, author of FM 100-5, Operations, the U.S. Army’s capstone war fighting doctrinal manual, Group Commander of the U.S. Army SOF Europe & 7th Special Operations Support Command, and Deputy Commander of the U.S. Army John F. Kenney Special Warfare Center & School.

Mr. Mitchell holds a Master of Public Administration in Business and a Bachelor of Science degrees.