Kingfisher Systems, Inc. Names Chris Harris as Chief Operating Officer

FALLS CHURCH VA, January 1, 2017. Roy L. Reed, Jr., Chief Executive Officer and President, named Chris Harris the Chief Operating Officer for Kingfisher Systems, Inc.  Chris Harris is responsible for Program Development and Operations for Kingfisher Systems, Inc....

DLA JETS (sub to BMA)

Defense Logistics Agency J6 Enterprise Technology Services (JETS) provides IT Services, Technical, and management supporting applications, software, hardware, infrastructure, and systems across DLA enterprise. (Sub to BMA)

DHS PACTS II (sub to BMA, Protect JV, and Xcorp)

Department of Homeland Security Program Management, Administrative, Clerical and Technical Services (PACTS) is a DHS-wide service contract for acquiring non-IT service solutions (Sub to BMA under FC1, and Protech JV and Xcorp under FC2).