We Provide Industry-Leading Cybersecurity Services

✓ Security Operations Center Management

✓ Security Control Assessments

✓ Advance Threat Hunting

✓ Insider Threat Detection

✓ Blue and Red Team Management

✓ Risk Management Framework (RMF)/NIST Compliance

✓ Information Assurance (A&A/C&A, FISMA)

✓ Computer Network Defense (CND)

✓ DevSecOps

✓ World-Class Government SOC Solution Design and Execution from the Ground Up

✓ Kingfisher Cyber Industry Leaders Developed Case Studies for Common Trends and Vulnerability/Risks Across the Federal Enterprise

✓ Internal Red Teams with Certified Ethical Hackers on Stand-by for Rapid Deployments


GSA Schedule IT 70 SINS §132 51 – Information Technology Professional Services Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS)

✓ 132 45A – Penetration Testing

✓ 132 45B – Incident Response

✓ 132 45C- Cyber Hunt

✓ 132 45D – Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (RVA)


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