The VARYSS Open Source Platform, an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Toolkit, Enables You To:


  • Identify, Predict, and Influence Strategic Change in Real-Time

  • Understand Events at the Tactical and Strategic Scale

  • Train and Verify Up-To-Date Generative Artificial Intelligence, such as Large Language Models

  • Fuse Social Science with Data Science to Understand Political Activity and Trends

VARYSS Collect

Anonymous Collection of Global News Media, Targeted Social Media, Scientific Research, and Open and Gray Data

Collection of more than 1 Million News Articles Daily

Collection of Foreign Language Media in over 100 Languages

Collection of Targeted Global Social Media Influencers



✓ Automatic Machine Translation (AMT) to English

✓ Engineered Feature Extraction

✓ Information Extraction (IE)

✓ Event Detection

✓ Multi-Document Summarization

Multi-Lingual Autocuration

✓ Named Entity Recognition and Resolution/Entity Linking

✓ API Access to Curate Your Own Data





Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Large Language Models (LLM), and Transformer-based Custom Models

High-Dimensional Statistical Analysis and Custom Algorithms for Unique Queries

High-Frequency Macro and Micro Analysis of Political, Social, Economic, and Military Trends

Human Network Assessments

Predict and Anticipate Events including Technological Surprise, Political Turmoil, Political Responses to Exogenous Events, and Policy Shifts

✓ Direct Access to Technical Tools through Juypter Notebook or VARYSS-LLM Chat-based Access to VARYSS Data

Technical Access for the Analyst


With the increasing maturity of Large Language Models (LLMs), we now offer an interactive chat interface with customized statistical data processing for the Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Analyst, without requiring a Data Scientist. Our chatbot accepts strategic and tactical OSINT queries, asks the user clarifying questions to refine their query, and autonomously returns an answer derived from a statistical analysis of available and current OSINT.

Dynamical Modeling


Our data scientists blend high-dimensional statistical analysis with cutting edge political and behavioral science to produce unique insights into the dynamic political processes of each organization they are studying. By tracking the ripples in an organization as changes and exogenous events introduce new forces that pull and push on the fabric of an organization, we can create detailed models of how these organizations are structured, who is yielding the real power, and how they will react to future stresses on the organization. We can visualize this information for our customers using a variety of graphical tools, written narratives, or periodic views of the same type of visualizations, with the goal of enlightening the customer to the dynamic processes that are at the core of the targeted organization and how those structures change over time.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) outside of a few well-studied problems requires combining Machine Learning (ML) expertise with deep domain knowledge and experience. Kingfisher has over a decade of experience creating models of political behavior and a global news database with information extracted from over 300 million stories in multiple languages. Through our work with this massive datasets we have refined standard Natural Language Processing (NLP) pipelines, and developed and operationalized novel measures of political behavior, enabling us to bring unique insight and predictive capability to hard political problems. Kingfisher’s cybersecurity mission partners developed novel methods that process 20,000 times more machine data than prior technologies and created an endpoint detection AI exceeding the best published performance by 15 times. Kingfisher seeks to apply our broad and deep capabilities to hard national security problems that have resisted traditional AI solutions.

Kingfisher has deep expertise interfacing NLP pipelines with transformer models to produce superior results. We focus on extracting actionable quantitative intelligence from open source media. We use topological clustering methods to interpret the output of stochastic generative topic models which allows us to discover complex and emergent topics using short histories. The combination of high frequency time series analysis and automated entity and concept discovery drives increased understanding of cause & effect and increases the value to the customer. Our approach is centered on entity, relationship, and concept extraction, but our expertise extends beyond proficiency in standard NLP tasks such as topic discovery using stochastic generative models, and NLP primitives such as tagging, chunking, and shallow parsing. Our data holdings include open source news reporting, scientific papers, and targeted Social Media from key global influencers from the past 15 years. Our large data holdings allow us to use semi-supervised and unsupervised approaches to address the lack of diverse tagged corpora.

Open Source Collection


Our anonymizing crawler collects over a million news events every day, collecting and processing news stories in over 100 languages. This Multi-Source Intelligence as a Service (MSIaaS) blends a variety of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) sources into a single comprehensive feed. We crawl our own proprietary list of content creators, such as print newspapers, scientific journals, government and corporate data releases, and social media, collecting new events as they are published. We can collect your custom lists of content creators or social media feeds, while utilizing our distributed anonymizing infrastructure. Additionally, we can target our collections so that the requests come from specific geographic areas to avoid having content filtered or modified by the provider. Our infrastructure can handle several million news events a day, well in excess of the traditional open source media content of the globe.

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