TAMPA, FL  April 10, 2014 – ReliaQuest, a leading Florida-based business specializing in providing information security and project staffing solutions, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Virginia-based Kingfisher Systems, Inc. to provide computer forensics services to law enforcement, legal firms, and commercial companies located or operating throughout Florida and the southeastern part of the United States.

The risk profiles of most businesses and organizations are rapidly changing to ever-evolving cyber threats. Being able to have a trusted team who can forensically retrieve lost or presumable damaged data, provide counsel on potential liabilities associated with a breach, and provide a post-mortem assessment to avert future cybersecurity incidents are all a part of the DNA of both companies, ReliaQuest and Kingfisher Systems, Inc.

A cyber-attack or suspected compromise of sensitive data is a hectic cybersecurity event for any business or organization.  Having a response plan to deal with one or both of these events, prepared in advance, is paramount.  Part of that response plan should call for an independent team of computer forensic professionals who are responsible for assessing a breach, mitigating the ill effects of the breach, and for responding to and notifying federal and state law enforcement.  Kingfisher Systems, Inc. has years of experience in advising various federal government and private agencies on risk mitigation designed to safeguard vital data while responding to cybersecurity-related issues

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