Since 2012, Kingfisher Systems, Inc., has participated in November cancer awareness by hosting a contest for best beards or mustaches among the male members of its overhead staff.  The movement for prostate cancer awareness started circa 2004 in Australia as a Movember (Mustache November Movement), which has become worldwide, including the US:

In 2012, we rapidly discovered the worldwide impact of this movement as several of us visiting the British Virgin Isles (BVI) discovered that “Movember” was central to November BVI activities with a large following generating relatively large donations to prostate cancer research.

Since our inaugural contest in 2012, Kingfisher Systems, Inc. has participated in both the “no mustache” track and the “no shave” track:

We are committed as a company to supporting research in all forms of cancer and have tended to the “no shave” track to support research in and fight all forms of cancer.  In particular, this year as a family and a company we have been touched by issues related to colorectal cancer and are particular focused on that as an issue.  We believe awareness regarding all forms of cancer is particularly important.  This is particularly true of those cancers such as colon, breast, or prostate cancer where early detection can mean a very high chance of survival.

If you have come to this page because you received a card or information from one of our staff participating in our “No Shave November” activities, please consider contributing to the cancer research or prevention charity of your choice.  Two that we are aware of with high ratings as non-profits are the Colon Cancer Alliance ( and more locally the Fight Colorectal Cancer Organization (