Kingfisher selected as a top-performing small technology company in greater D.C.

The Veterans Administration’s Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans (HIRE Vets) Medallion Program has recognized Kingfisher Systems, Inc. (Kingfisher) with a Gold Medallion Award. “This is the only federal level award program that recognizes an organization’s demonstrated commitment to veteran recruitment, employment, and retention,” says United States (U.S.) Secretary of Labor, the Honorable Eugene Scalia, speaking on behalf of the HIRE Vets program. “The organizations we recognize today are helping these men and women [veterans] find careers where they can apply the skills and leadership they’ve gained through their service in the armed forces,” continues Secretary Scalia. “Because of the special role these companies have played in supporting veterans in the workforce, it’s a privilege to honor them today; and it’s a privilege to give recognition – a medallion – which they in turn can use to recruit even more veterans; for recognizing the unique qualifications that service men and women bring to the workforce; and for giving back to those who gave to our country. These HIRE Vets medallion recipients deserve our congratulations.”

Kingfisher is a Small Business providing Cybersecurity, Enterprise Information Technology, and Intelligence and National Security services to the U.S. Government. Kingfisher also offers Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services through their VARYSS Open Source Platform. Founded in 2005 by U.S. military veterans, Kingfisher intentionally seeks, employs, and retains veterans. Forty-eight percent of Kingfisher’s workforce are veterans and Kingfisher is a direct beneficiary of the limitless capabilities and experience veterans offer.

“This particular award is of exceptional significance to our entire organization,” says Kingfisher Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Roy L. Reed, Jr. “It is representative of our conscious effort to demonstrate unwavering commitment to veterans and the value we place on their contributions,” Mr. Reed continues. “We are honored when a veteran chooses Kingfisher as their civilian employer.”

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