Kingfisher selected as a top-performing small technology company in greater D.C.

The Washington Business Journal selected Kingfisher Systems, Inc. (Kingfisher) as number 22 on their list of Largest Cybersecurity Companies in Greater District of Columbia. Founded in 2005, Kingfisher is a Small Business providing Cybersecurity, Enterprise Information Technology, and Intelligence and National Security services to the United States Government. Kingfisher also delivers Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions through their VARYSS Open Source Platform.

“Implementing robust Cybersecurity is a primary concern of the U.S. Government, resulting in a highly competitive adaptive,” says Chief Executive Officer, Roy L. Reed, Jr. “Kingfisher’s emphasis on Employee job satisfaction underscores our ability to attract the Industry’s leading experts. It is their diligence, consistency, superior services, and dedication to mission on which we have founded our growth.”

Cybersecurity is continually evolving. Companies offering these services must remain agile and innovative while delivering undisrupted support during periods of expansion. “Our reputation among both Industry peers and Customers is one of service and expertise,” continues Mr. Reed. “Kingfisher’s prominent partners of all sizes and capabilities further contribute to our growing footprint on tomorrow’s Cybersecurity landscape. This recognition by the Washington Business Journal emphasizes Kingfisher’s expanding impact on this critical service category, and the exceptional work our Team continues to deliver on behalf of our valued Customers.”

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